Leora International Academy

About Us

In these days of globalization and fast-paced technological advances, every individual wants to be the best. To achieve professional and personal goals in life, everyone has to achieve specialized education that gives him/her the cutting edge to perform better. Leora International Academy, the education and training subsidiary of Leora International Pvt. Ltd., is involved in providing international quality training that creates careers that make students highly employable. Leora provides high-quality training through well qualified and trained trainers with long years of expertise in the field. We have a full-fledged infrastructure in place to deliver masterful skills and training.

Dedicated to creating a class of high-end professionals across sectors

Advanced Faculty

The programs are offered at our well-located facility in Kochi, a bristling and fast-growing city which is the business nerve center of Kerala, the most progressive State in India. The programs are delivered at a facility equipped with state-of-the-art instructions gear. Being situated among some of Kerala’s and world’s leading corporations gives an impetus for students with access to the industry. The classrooms ensure that each and every student receives individual attention, especially from our highly experienced teachers. We aim to maintain an optimum teacher: student ratio so as to facilitate a better learning experience for our students.


To become the first choice for students to gain academic, personal and professional success.


To enable students to achieve leadership excellence and succeed with our advanced education and practical industry experience.

Core Values

Excellence in all we do. Passion for our profession. Emphasis on Knowledge, Communication and Vision


We will conduct ourselves with great integrity and be accountable

Team Spirit

We believe in the concept of team excellence – where the team is greater than the individual

Getting Skilled

At Leora, soft & life skills development is part of the curriculum and as important as academic excellence. Here the emphasis is on developing your personality, your communicative skills including a sound grasp and articulation of English, powerful techniques to sail through interview sessions and a strong personality development module. We take every effort to make you strong to face the extreme challenges of a tough corporate life.