Certificate Program in Medical Scribing

Be a doctor-ready international medical scribe in less than a year

Certificate Program in Medical Scribing (CPMS®)

CPMS is an industry integrated job oriented training program, provided by LEORA international academy and CPMS® council.

The main aim our medical scribing program is to develop a globally accepted Doctor-Ready and Doctor-Approved medical scribing specialist/ medical scribes/medical scribe specialist’s. Doctor-Approved medical scribes/scribe specialist also known as remote medical scribes in US and other countries as they work remotely for physicians, doctors and medical practitioners.

Why Leora Academy?

Leora international academy, a reputed institute with dynamic background of achievements in job oriented skill development trainings, is providing an extensive training on certificate program in medical scribing (cpms).

  • Leora academy constantly researches on new career oppurtunities and provide the specific skills needed to its candidates.
  • Leora cpms candidates’ will be taught and trained by experienced and oriented faculties provided by the cpms council.


Flexible fee structure And BENEFITS Highly sophisticated facilities Mentoring by experienced faculty team CPMS extensive training


Since 2014, the program has undergone extensive and intensive research and, is continuously updated and upgraded over five years. The syllabus and training module of the program help students to achieve specified jobs in the wide and diverse industry of medical scribing. Certificate programme will give the candidtes a doctor ready medical scribe profile which is valued under top job categories in the globe .

Why CPMS ?

This program conveys all the fundamental skills needed to be employable in the boundless industry of medical scribing ,like

  • Medical Scribe Specialist
  • Clinical Note Reviewer
  • Medical Note Analyst
  • Medical Note Formatter
  • Documentation Specialist
  • Medical Note Reviewer
  • Doctor’s Assistant
  • Health Information Analyst
  • Medical Records Summarizer
  • Remote Medical Scribe
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Records Reviewer/li>
  • Electronics Medical Records Officer
  • Medical Doc. Technician
  • Medical Records Technician
  • Medical Records Reviewer
  • Electronic Medical Records Summarizer
  • Virtual Scribe
  • Medical Records Manager
  • Electronic Health Records Officer, etc.

Program Structure

The program has 3 mandatory levels. The students are required to pass the certification test and or passing criteria of each level to progress to the next.
The first level of this program is considered, as the most important level since it trains students the essential and fundamental skills required for the vast varied industry of medical scribing.


This level requires the student to complete a minimum of 616 hours of training. Each academic month of this level requires 22 days of classroom training with 7 class hours per day and additional hours for assessment tests. The students are compulsorily required to attend 4 monthly assessment tests also known as Monthly Tests and a Pre-FLC Test (a model exam before attending the First Level Certification Test i.e. FLC Test). The results of monthly assessment tests maybe a combination of various periodic tests (including but not limited to chapter-wise tests) and/or a set of examinations held at the end of every 22 days of classes. The subjects trained in Level 1, duration, and passing criteria of the FLC Test are as mentioned below:

No. Subjects Duration FLC Test Passing Criteria
1 Language of Medicine 176 hours 80% marks
2 English Grammar & Americanism 220 hours 80% marks
3 Medical Coding 44 hours 80% marks
4 Typing 176 hours 50 WPM with 95% Accuracy


The training for the second level will be at a facility located in Bengaluru. During this tuition-fee-free period, the students shall be paid stipends of up to INR 12000/- per month. This level requires the students to successfully complete training in the following subjects:

  • Medical Scribing Essentials
  • Audio + Typing
  • Video + Typing

Students who successfully complete the training of this level shall be permitted to proceed to the Level 3 training of CPMSÒ. In the event of the student not meeting the criteria for passing Level 2 of CPMSÒ, but is found fit to be trained for the designation Clinical Note Reviewer, the student shall be informed and permitted to apply for the same. The starting salary of this job post-training shall be up to INR 30000 per month.


The member institutes are strictly required to provide the following facilities for the students of CPMS. In the event of the institute failing to provide any of the below mentioned facilities within the campus, students are requested to inform us at the earliest.

  • Fully Air-conditioned classrooms and labs.
  • Fully functional PC, keyboard and headphone per student.
  • Maximum number of students 16 – 18 per classroom
  • Classroom/s should have White board & A/V projector/TV with audio and Internet support.
  • Full time power backup
  • High speed internet connectivity for study and examination purposes
  • Unlimited availability of drinking water
  • Clean and hygienic toilets
  • Clean and hygiene classrooms and labs.

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