MOS Excel 2016 certification gives students and institution of higher learning the tools they need to fulfill their ambition, and realize their potential.
Microsoft Certified Trainer led three days hands on Microsoft Advanced Excel training in practical scenario.
Get officially certified as Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in Excel.
Can affix globally recognized Microsoft Badge and logo on your social profiles and resume received on the successful completion of exam.

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SAP has several layers. The Basis System is the heart of the data operations and should be not to higher level or managerial users. Other customizing and implementation tools exist also. The heart of the system from a manager’s viewpoint is the application modules.  These modules may not all be implemented in a typical company but they are all related. 


Designed for automated management and external reporting of general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and other sub-ledger accounts with a user defined chart of accounts. As entries are made relating to sales production and payments journal entries are automatically posted. This connection means that the “books” are designed to reflect the real situation.


Supports the procurement and inventory functions occurring in day-to-day business operations such as purchasing, inventory management, reorder point processing, etc.


Sales & Distribution is an important module of SAP & handles all the process of order to delivery. SAP SD executes the business processes used in the selling, shipping & billing of products & services.


PP Is used to plan and control the manufacturing activities of a company. This module includes bills of material, routings, work centers, sales and operations planning, master production scheduling, material requirement planning, shop floor control, production orders, product costing, etc.