To become a hall of ivy of honor were providing an international quality of education and a line to grant our aspirant seeking a successful career in the Leading industry all over the world.


To grant our students with a specially designed training program to evolve and conveyed to meet the highest standards of education, trait, and efficiency in their carrier goal. To develop our blooming buds from here to eternity, we provide a standard way of education which a student can afford and a clear view between student and management. Also, we mold each postulant according to the current scenario in the industry.

About Us

LEORA INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY is an arm of LEORA INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD initiated and managed by emerging enterprising personalities and highly motivated team. We provide the highest academic standards with the latest industry development and knowledge. And we all knew that a good personality and positive attitude is the stepping stone of success, so we mold our students not only by industry wise, we guide them to be good human being by personality wise. Well-infrasture and professional placement team will assist our sparkling stars to get the dreamful opening in the various national and international companies.


Students at LEORA will able to knew or undergo a different mode of training. They get the benefits of intuitiveness, experience and knowledge from a team of experts who contributed ample content and observation to our course; we provide students to employ around the world, to reach successful carriers by various programs with a finest infrasture with excellent placement supportance to the blooming buds of leora. And our aim is to mold our students to be a professional’s by personality wise. We prepare students to an effortless upheaval to their professional world and face all the challenges in the cooperate world.